• Eisto Oy

    Specialist in Structural Analysis

  • Structural Strength

    Will the structure withstand the loading?

  • Structural Integrity Analysis

    Is the structure usable even though there are flaws in it?

  • Structural Strength

    Is the structure strong enough to resist seismic actions, hurricane or variable loading?

  • Functionality and fit to purpose

    Does the structure or equipment vibrate?

    The structure is used at half capacity. Why?

  • Failure Analysis

    The structure collapsed! Why?

  • Structural Integrity

    The structure is old. How long can it be used? Under updated loading?

  • Optimization of Structures

    What would be the optimal structure? Can it be lighter? Could it be manufactured other way to reduce costs?



Our Services

Eisto Oy is founded in 2016 to provide structural analysis oriented services to technology providers, plants, mills, metal structure manufacturers and engineering companies. Our key services are related to efficient usage and integrity of metal structures.

Our service concepts:

  • Structural analyses of metal structures
  • Design projects (design, analysis and documentation services)
  • Project management of design projects

Types of analyses:

  • Vibration management
  • Structural integrity analyses (effect of flaws such as cracks to the structural performance and service life)
  • Behaviour of structures under live loading (e.g. nature based loadings such as wind, snow, earthquake)
  • Pressure equipment (Vessels, pipelines, heat exchangers etc.)
  • Temperature effect on structure (expansion, contraction, distribution)
  • Fatigue design and analysis
  • Failure analysis of structures

Solving structural analsysis problems:

  • Structure optimization with respect to fit to purpose, weight, stiffness or costs.
  • Design and concepting of new structures
  • Improvements to existing structures
  • Modifications to existing structures (e.g. pipe connections to old vessels, purpose change, load increase)


  • Fatigue of steel structures (welded/non-welded)
  • Pressure equipment
  • Structural integrity
  • Failure analysis
  • Dynamical effects (seismic actions, vibration)

Whether it is a pressure vessel, welded steel structure, pipeline, machine or equpment, we ensure it is fit to purpose and make it even more efficient.

See examples of structures

Examples of structures and analyses


Specialist in Structural Analysis


As the company is located in South Carelia the roots are visible in the company name. The word "Eisto" is Carelian language meaning "addition, help, savings, victory, benefit". The most important function of Eisto Oy is to be help, give benefit and savings, and give additional value to customer.

By analysing, optimizing and developing structures with Eisto Oy a customer may gain from the co-operation e.g.:





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